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Astroturf, acres, alluvion, alluvium, antecedents, artificial turf, ash, base, basement, basis, basis for belief, bearing wall, bed, bedding, bedrock, body of evidence, boundary condition, bowling green, call, catch, causation, cause, cause and effect, chain of evidence, chattels real, cinder, clause, clinker, clue, common, condition, data, datum, demesne, deposition, deposits, determinant, determinative, diluvium, documentation, domain, donnee, draff, dregs, dross, element, ember, escalator clause, escape clause, escape hatch, etiology, evidence, exhibit, fact, factor, facts, fairway, feces, fine print, floor, flooring, fond, footing, foundation, froth, fundament, fundamental, given, golf course, golf links, good reason, grassplot, green, greenyard, ground, grounds for belief, groundwork, hardpan, honor, indication, item of evidence, joker, kicker, land, landed property, lands, lawn, lees, limiting condition, loess, lot, lots, manifestation, manor, mark, material basis, material grounds, messuage, moraine, muniments, mute witness, obligation, occasion, offscum, parameter, parcel, park, pavement, piece of evidence, plat, plot, praedium, precipitate, precipitation, premises, prerequisite, principle, proof, property, provision, provisions, proviso, putting green, quadrat, radical, real estate, real property, realty, reason, reason to believe, relevant fact, requisite, right, riprap, rock bottom, rudiment, saving clause, scoria, scum, seat, sediment, settlings, sign, sill, silt, sine qua non, sinter, slag, small print, smut, solid ground, solid rock, soot, specification, stereobate, stimulus, stipulation, string, stylobate, sublimate, substance, substratum, substruction, substructure, symptom, tenements, terms, terra firma, toft, token, ultimatum, underbuilding, undercarriage, undergirding, underpinning, understruction, understructure, village green, warrant, whereas

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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